Ultimate CF 8.0

Roadbike, 07/12

12 carbon racers in the test of the under 2000 € price category

The complete verdict of the testers is available in the 07/2012 edition of Roadbike magazine.

Canyon has proven with this bike just how far this allegedly drab "direct seller" has moved on. (...) The bike scores high with its world class frame. There is hardly another competitor that's as light and offers such superb, well-balanced comfort. On the road the Ultimate reaches the peak of performance thanks to razor-sharp handling and scintillating forward power. "Such a bike for less than 2000 € is simply out of this world", was the verdict of one of the testers. How right he was. Outright test victory!

The bike's handling characteristics is diverse, the equipment is highly functional and the frame world class - Canyon has well and truly earned the test victory with this dream bike.

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