Roadlite AL 6.0

Roadbike 06/12

Favourably priced road bikes are getting better and better- that's good news for price conscious riders and beginners! The Roadlite AL 6.0 scoops the test victory against 11 other road bikes priced between 999 and 1299 Euro.

Canyon has significantly updated its frames for the 2012 season. The Koblenz based firm has changed the seat positions depending on the type of bike. For the Roadlite this means thanks to its longer headtube and shorter reach the rider assumes a more upright and relaxed position on the bike than before. The comfortable tourer is therefore designed to appeal to riders who are looking for a high level of ride comfort. The bike also delivers very smooth function and predictable handling. This reliable type of bike will appeal to riders who aren't too bothered about winning races. Nevertheless the Roadlite is fast and offers superb forward thrust. It is therefore ideal for long tours out on the road. The bike's range of equipment means that this super bike offers unbeatable value-for-money.

Verdict: Pleasant, reliable and really fast. The best equipped Roadlite is the number 1 choice for beginners and tourists. Test victory!

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