Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 SL

RoadBIKE 02/13

Extremely light, extremely fast and extremely classy. The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 SL took part in the comparative test of some of the world's best race bikes conducted by RoadBike magazine. The bike impressed and got the "best buy" recommendation.

Canyon already achieved a milestone with the Ultimate CF, whose benchmark design parameters Canyon's rivals are still finding a hard nut to crack. With the brand new Ultimate CF SLX Canyon has even gone one better and is stepping up to the plate against its closest rivals for the first time in this test.

In the test the new Canyon proved its worth in a truly spectacular way. The quick verdict of the RoadBike testers was that the bike performed outstandingly! Even after having covered just a few metres it becomes obvious that this bike is among the best in the world. And yet the bike initially looks almost familiar with its competitive rider position and ready-for-anything character, which is so typical for the Ultimate CF. The innovations don't become noticeable until you've covered some distance on the bike. The fabulously stiff frame (the frame achieved the best level of bottom bracket stiffness in the test) means that the Ultimate CF SLX accelerates even more rapidly than its predecessor and the steering responds directly and with unbelievable razor sharp precision. The new Ultimate CF SLX is therefore livelier, faster and electrifies its rider far more than its excellent predecessor was ever able to.

After a few more kilometres in the saddle another of the bike's strengths begins to take effect, namely the high level of comfort which the frame delivers. The rear triangle is fitted with the VCLS 2.0 Seatpost, which is a parallelogram seatpost that also delivers perfect levels of comfort. On the test stand the frame itself demonstrated that the seat and top tubes delivered effective damping of shocks, proving that the bike would also guarantee a great deal of comfort if equipped with conventional seatposts.

What is even more striking than the bike's ride characteristics is the new Canyon's design. The bike exudes pure harmony in terms of its appearance not least by virtue of the fully integrated cables. Nevertheless the frame weighs in at less than 800g, a dream weight. The equipment is a match for any other bike in the test although the Canyon costs less than half what the most expensive bikes in the test cost and it's by no means just in terms of price that this bike sets itself apart from the competition.

Verdict: Faster, more direct and comfortable than its great predecessor. The frame catapulted its way to 2nd place in the list of favourites and the reasonably priced equipment is something else. Best buy!

RoadBike Kauftipp