Aeroad CF 9.0 SL

RoadBike 03/13

Under the theme "Need for Speed" seven premium aero race bikes took part in the road test conducted by RoadBike magazine. The Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL scooped the test and impressed right across the board - test victory!

Two years ago the Aeroad gave a burst of impetus to the still somewhat new aero segment of the market. Ex pro Michael Rich was influential with his significant know-how in the development of the aerodynamic race machine.

Many of the details on the Canyon are as useful on the road as they are unique. The adjustable drop-outs in the fork are innovative and the rider can select between smooth or more direct steering. The flexible seat post has a very wide range of adjustment allowing the amateur rider or triathlete to find his optimum position on the bike. The competitive and outstretched position, where the saddle is significantly higher than the handlebar, is tailor-made for racing cyclists.

The willing and uncompromisingly fast test bike impressed all the race bike-savvy test riders. They were all agreed: The Canyon was the best bike in the test and the outstanding equipment made a major contribution to that assessment. SRAM's new top groupset Red and the lightweight carbon clinchers from Reynolds were beyond compare in this test. Fortunately there was no hint of pricing pressure, which is something that many manufacturers are currently complaining about.

The premium equipment gets the overall weight down to 6.5kg - not a single test bike was lighter! The result of this impressive performance was an outright test victory for Canyon's inspiring Aeroad!

Verdict: Mercilessly fast and competitive whilst being flexible in the adjustment of both the riding position and steering.The magnificently equipped Aeroad flies with impressive ease to the top of the test field!

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