Yellowstone AL 6.9

MountainBIKE 05/13

Eight brands, each entering a 26" and 29" model: Mountainbike magazine tested 16 hardtails in the 1000 Euro price category.
In the 29er category the Yellowstone AL 6.9 ran away with test victory and earned it the evaluation "outstanding".

The lightweight 29 inch Mavic Crossride wheels, low overall weight and assured handling gave the Yellowstone AL 6.9 the overall victory in the 29er category.The Canyon bike with its higher front end delivers greater comfort compared to the Grand Canyon AL 6.0, which is something both amateurs and trail fans will like.For attacks out of the saddle the Yellowstone has a useful Lockout lever on the handlebar.

Verdict: The Yellowstone AL 6.9 will please on winding, flowing routes and delivers perfectly balanced and controllable handling thanks to the central seating position.Thanks to the large wheels the bike copes well with even the most difficult passes.