Grand Canyon AL 7.9

Bike N°125

"Very smartly equipped, lighter and cheaper, the Grand Canyon wins it all (…)."

"The Germans show an excellent quality/price/equipment report but also a constant evolution of their products, getting always nicer and more efficient. (…) the Grand Canyon gets all the votes. Magnificent in its white and black anodized color with blue components, this Canyon sticks to the aestheticism of the brand."

"Honour to the gests with a Canyon much more sloping, a Press-Fit bottom bracket, a Directmount front derailleur, a Postmount break bow, internal cables passage, 15mm and 12mm wheel axes at the front and at the back, but and specially extra fine seat stays with VCLS technology and a nice Maximus saddle which is oval towards the bottom to give extra comfort to the peddling on difficult tracks."

"With very smartly 12mm and 15mm wheels axes equipment, and with a performing pair of wheels, (…) the Grand Canyon is fare much elitist with an important firmness."

"The Canyon bike is a real race winner for sharp cyclers who like performance.It will please cyclers looking for speed and performances above all."

"On pictures, the two bikes are at the same level, but the trough is that the Canyon has an important advantage. Very compact and stiff, the Grand Canyon is now and still, made for speed."