Grand Canyon CF SL 6.9

Cycling Plus

A ride so good you'll find reasons not be on your road bike.

On average, mountain biking asks your engine to work higher up the rev range more consistently than road riding. You build strength and stamina more quickly and improve the short, punching leg power you need to clear loose or boggy sections, which translates to gap-closing on the road. The Canyon is the perfect tool for this.

Once up to speed, the Canyon, with a lightness at the bar and the telltale 29er appetite for just bashing the trail to bits. The joyous feeling of control from the Canyon's Formula C1s offered very clear cut breaking performance.

It has a chassis you could slowly invest in, confident the knowledge that pay you back in fitness, skills and mental freshness for the road.

The Canyon looks like a road bike for the dirt. The lines are clean, long, low and sleek. In the saddle it feels alert and ready, like a road or cyclo-cross thoroughbred,
each pedal stroke sending a pulse of power straight into the trail. The ability to get to speed, and keep it there, is intoxicating. If you're used to powering a 7kg road bike along, you'll be right at home here. As a bike to race or test your fitness, this is the one to choose.

The Canyon is the real deal. It's a bike that feels instantly familiar and urges you to spend mere time on dirt.

Cycling Plus