Roadlite AL 6.0

Tour, 04.2014

In the Spring Megatest of 27 bikes by Germany's TOUR Magazine, the Roadlite AL 6.0 came away with the best rating for bikes under €1000.

“The long steering tube provides a relatively high handlebar position on the Roadlite and the top tube measured just 550 mm on our size L test bike. With spacers fitted the riding position is upright and comfortable. This comfort is further enhanced by the carbon seatpost, thick padded bar tape and 25 mm high performance Continental tyres.

We found the drivetrain particularly interesting as the compact, 50/34 Shimano 105 chainset combines with a 10-speed mountain bike cassette with a wide 11-32 range. According to Shimano, this setup should be incompatible. However, the extended rear derailleur hanger results in there being more than enough space between the upper jockey wheel and the largest chainring.”

For the price, this bike comes very well equipped and with very few points of weakness. For that reason it ranks no.1 in the sub €1000 category.