The Speedmax is made to defy the wind and beat the clock. With aerodynamic efficiency and wide-ranging adjustability guaranteed, riding a Speedmax is the surefire way to achieving new personal bests when lining up at your next triathlon. Thanks to a huge variety of setups available, you won’t need your own test lab to get the optimum ergonomic and aerodynamic position locked in for the long haul. Complete with drag-reducing tube profiles and components designed to cheat the wind and make you faster, the Speedmax puts you at the front of the pack in the race to T2.

Speedmax CF 9.0 LTD


During the bike split your equipment has the power to make all the difference. Equipped with game-changing 82 mm Zipp 808 Carbon Clinchers, the Speedmax CF 9.0 LTD guarantees effortless straight line speed combined with versatility to tackle a range of conditions and courses. Multiple position Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 TT shifters on the triathlon-specific cockpit mean you never miss a pedal stroke when climbing out the saddle or locked in your aero tuck. This is a triathlon bike for athletes looking for every competitive edge.


Speedmax CF 9.0 LTD


Being one of the first points of contact as air passes over the frame, the role of the forks when looking at a bike's overall aerodynamic performance cannot be underestimated. On the Speedmax AL the slim fork blades are set wide apart to help guide airflow across the rest of the frame in the most efficient way possible.

teaser speedmax gabel 2


This is the material that revolutionised bike design. Carbon opens up new opportunities when it comes to creating intricate designs yet also possesses exceptional strength-to-weight properties. The possibilities are endless, making it the perfect match for our high performance machines.


Our state-of-the-art aluminium frames are constructed from lightweight 6000 aluminium, which is not only easy to work with but also stiff and resistant to corrosion. That’s what gives these frames their durability and long-lasting performance.