T R A N S L A T E : Grand Canyon AL 8.9

Fiets 10/2011

This must be a good package

FIETS was one of the First to test the whole new Grand Canyon AL 8.9 29er. Already on sight they came to the conclusion that there could be no problems to expect in this good package of Tapered steerer, True axles in front and rear, rigid wheel set and low head tube. This also turned out to be true in praxis. You really get used to this bike very quickly and your will find yourselves cruising true the woods before you realize it. This bike is in a good balance between agile and stability, between stiff and comfortable. Everything works perfect and gear shifting is smooth and quick. A small minus might be the low gear ratio on high speeds but on the other hand this becomes a benefit when climbing or in rough terrain. The bike is in its element than and you can enjoy its endless grip and trustful handling .

Nicely balanced between agile and stabile, stiff and comfortable: a nearly faultless bike!