We recommend to tighten Canyon seat clamps with -Nm to 5Nm. The maximum torque value for Canyon seat clamps is 7Nm

The torque should be as low as possible but the seatpost must not slip under great force. The seatpost clamp must be tightened so that it can not be turned around its axis.

When fitting Canyon carbon seat posts or variable seatposts, apply carbon paste generously to the inside of the seat tube and to also to the seat post itself.

When fitting alloy seat posts apply grease to both the seat post and the inside of the seat tube.

Please note: do not tighten the seat clamp too much when you ride a variabel seat post, like the Reverb. Otherwise it might be possible that you can not adjust the post any more. Please take extra care that the seat post must never slight into the seat tube.

Torque for Aeroad Cf series and Speedmax CF series frame clamp for seatpost: 4Nm, maximum 6Nm. Please take care that the clamping brackets are free from glue.