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Breakfast with Tiffany Cromwell from Canyon SRAM Racing

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Breakfast is probably my favourite time of the day – well at least my favourite meal of the day, that’s for sure.

Breakfast with Tiffany Cromwell from Canyon SRAM Racing

It gives me the power I need on my bike.
My breakfast routine varies depending on if I’m at home or on the road, in Australia or elsewhere in the world, and if it’s a recovery day or a full training day with my team.
When I’m in Australia over the summer (when it’s winter in Europe), my breakfast routine is usually really fast, as we need to get out early because of the incredibly hot weather. Sometimes I can be on the bike as early as 5:30am.
On early starts, I’ll wake up with 30 minutes max to get ready before training. I generally go straight to the toilet and then make a quick smoothie. I try to avoid looking at my phone, because then I’ll end up late, and these early mornings are usually to meet a bunch ride where they don’t wait if you’re not punctual.
I find smoothies the easiest thing to digest at that hour of the morning. My go-to is usually banana with some kind of milk/milk alternative, half an avocado, nut butter, a dash of maple syrup or agave syrup, coconut, sometimes some oats and sometimes a scoop of protein powder and ice. Or I mix it up with some frozen berries too.
After a couple hours of training, we’ll usually stop at a café and have a bit more to eat to refuel, such as coffee and banana bread or smashed avo on toast.

When I’m back in Europe my mornings are much slower. First thing I do when I get up is turn on my Rocket Espresso machine so it can warm up, and then check my phone, emails, social, etc. – not the best habit, but it’s what I do.
In the winter months, I love starting my training days with a hearty bowl of porridge. I usually add things like seeds and nuts, nut butter, maple syrup, dried fruit, cinnamon, and a dash of milk. Sometimes I’ll throw in some fresh berries or banana, and some ricotta or Greek yoghurt. Basically, I keep stocks of bits and pieces like seeds and nuts that I can add, and just put in whatever I’m feeling like on the day. I find it really filling and nourishing, and it gets me through my long rides feeling well fuelled. I combine this with a flat white that I make with my coffee machine, although I’m still working on my barista skills and latte art. Generally, I give myself around an hour from waking up before I need to get out on the bike if I have a meeting time around 9-10am. If I have no one to meet and I’m lacking a bit of motivation, then sometimes my breakfasts last much longer.
Then it’s a quick clean up, kit up, and head out the door for training.

On recovery days and days off I love to really take my time with breakfast. It starts as normal, turning on the coffee machine and checking my phone. Sometimes, I’ll take my phone back to bed and lay down a little longer. My two favourite meals to make when I have the extra time are lemon and ricotta pancakes with fresh bananas and berries, coconut flakes, maple syrup and some Greek yoghurt or mascarpone. That can pretty much fuel you for the entire day, it has that much energy. Sometimes I play around with my pancake recipes, but this is my go-to on most occasions. When I’m feeling like a savoury option then I’ll make smashed avo on toast with poached eggs and sometimes some halloumi. And if I’m really feeling motivated, I’ll make myself a cold pressed juice.

Then, I’ll go and sit outside on my balcony and watch the locals play tennis down below. I take my time to enjoy my breakfast, check some emails and make the most of having a nice slow day. And from time to time friends drop by to enjoy what has been nicknamed ‘Tiff’s wonderlands café’!

In the summer months I generally go for lighter breakfast options. I love big bowls of fresh fruit with Greek yoghurt and sometimes a bit of granola. Smoothies and a smaller bowl of fruit and yoghurt is also nice. Or I’ll make overnight soaked oats (bircher muesli). It’s a great choice if you want to meal prep for a few days. And of course, I always love a coffee along with my breakfast, or sometimes something a little more ‘exotic’ like a matcha or turmeric latte.

That’s pretty much my mornings at home. I enjoy my mornings, and love to start the day the best way possible before getting out on my bike.

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