The Route

This time, the pair of riders have decided to "mess with Texas" and take on the massive 340-mile Big Bend National Park route. Riding through day and night, battling near freezing temperatures and brutal heat, our riders will encounter barren moonscapes, lonesome vistas, and sweeping canyons during their ride. No longer their first rodeo, Tyler and Jeremiah are attempting the impossible ready for what's to come.

The Rules

The rules are straightforward. One route, 2 days, no outside support. VC and JB are responsible for mending mechanicals and transporting all their gear. There is, however, a catch: Two "treasure chests" are cached at miles 100 and 200. Vegan and Jeremiah will be given coordinates, but the exact location of the chests is only revealed through clues.

What's even more, the contents of the chests are totally unknown. The items could be vital, or they could be comically useless. Trash or treasure, it's up to the riders to find that out for themselves. The ultimate value of the items is ultimately subjective to the rider, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Bike

For this monumental challenge, the duo will be bikepacking with the Canyon Grizl. With its multiple bottle and rack mounts, the riders will need an exceptionally wide variety of gear to deal with massive temperature swings as well as day and night riding conditions. Saddle bags, bottle mounts, tubes, and tools are all critically important not just for success, but also for survival.

Understanding the Conditions

Impossible Route: Death Valley was taken on with the Canyon Grail. Built for lightweight, speed, and responsiveness, the Grail is the perfect gravel-race bike, but the Grizl features more mounts for more gear, giving our riders greater ability to bring water and fuel for the 340-mile, non-stop ride.

Jeremiah and Vegan Cyclist are no strangers to the Canyon gravel family, having used the Endurace for the Impossible Route: Trans Appalachia, and Grail for Glacier to Tetons. With Big Bend featuring so little pavement and generally unfavorable conditions, the Grizl affords extra protection thanks to its 50mm tire clearance and pack-mule ability to carry spare and wear parts if needed.

Choosing the best horse for the course is paramount, otherwise you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

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From capable all-road machines to rugged, adventure-ready bikes, there's a Canyon gravel bike for you.

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