1/19/22 Canyon

Diamonds in the Dust

1/19/22 Canyon

Riding in Los Angeles sucks. Or at least that’s what our three riders anticipated when they moved to the city. What surprised these riders the most wasn’t just the passion of the Los Angeles cycling community; Los Angeles itself is home to an incredible array of trails and rides, as diverse as those who make up the quiltwork of its cycling community. Canyon presents Diamonds in the Dust.

Diamonds in the Dust Celebrate the variety and beauty of cycling in Los Angeles.
Going to California with KC Deane

KC Deane didn’t expect to be pursuing an acting career when he was younger. He originally carved a name for himself down the slopes of the Rocky Mountain west as a professional skier. For KC, ending up in LA bridges his past as a pro skier and mountain biker with his future as an actor. Tucked away are miles of singletrack and trails, in the midst of a city where he is looking to make it on the silver screen.

When I realized that there was mountain biking, I knew I found my place.

—Arnaud Moulin, Restaurant Manager
From Street-Style to Gravel Roads with Andrew Jackson

Unlike KC Deane, Andrew Jackson got his start in cycling in the urban setting of street-style BMX. As an accomplished BMX rider, Andrew Jackson developed a flair for exciting tricks and the fearless confidence it takes to clear the gnarliest of stunts. Yet Andrew felt he still needed to find something more–off-road cycling was just that outlet he needed. The gravel bike is a perfect bike for Los Angeles. With seamless transitions from concrete to gravel, gravel cycling opened up a whole new side of Los Angeles for Andrew, accessible from his front door.

The mountain bike expanded Andrew’s opportunities further. Already having a flair for big air and street-style tricks, the miles of flow sectors and jump tracks offered respite from the urban sprawl while allowing him to build on his BMX experience.

  • Diamonds in the dust explores the best of Los Angeles cycling
    Andrew Jackson found a new outlook on cycling through off-road riding.
  • The gravel bike is one of the best ways to explore Los Angeles
    The gravel bike allows Andrew Jackson to make the most of riding around LA.
Los Angeles: A Cyclist’s Feast

Professional mountain bike rider and restaurant manager Arnaud Moulin is no stranger to savouring the finer things in life. Growing up in the south of France, and joining the mountain bike movement early on in Europe, the mountain bike became an integral part of his life. Just as a quality dish needs a blend and balance of flavours, so did Arnaud in his life.

For Arnaud, mountain biking around Los Angeles has offered a much-needed departure from the urban bustle of the restaurant world. From road to gravel to mountain, there is a true feast of riding available for tasting around Los Angeles.

Arnaud Moulin, pro mountain biker and restaurant manager


North, south, east, or west, riders from all over are joining the Canyon family. Whether you live in a city or in the countryside, there is a bike for you. Explore our lineup of mountain and gravel bikes and start your next adventure.
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