11/8/21 Canyon.com
11/8/21 Canyon.com

KC Deane Rides the Best Mountain Bike Trails in Oregon with the Canyon Neuron

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride the best mountain bike trails around Oregon? Watch Canyon CLLCTV rider KC Deane explore Oregon’s mountain bike trails atop his Neuron, crushing the steepest climbs to discover breathtaking views.

KC Deane Rides the Best Mountain Bike Trails in Oregon with the Canyon Neuron
Oregon Exploration with KC Deane

The Pacific Northwest—recognized as the U.S. states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia—is world-renowned for extraordinary mountain bike terrain. Incredible dirt quality, peaked hilltops, and thick-forested singletrack provide countless interactions with boulders of all sizes, roots, streams and mountains—the “PNW” is an outdoor playground.

Watch as KC Deane explores Oregon's steepest climbs and descents using the Canyon Neuron trail bike as his tool for exploration.

The Canyon Neuron as KC Deane’s Tool of Choice

The Canyon Neuron CF is KC Deane’s mountain bike of choice for riding his favorite trails. The bike was designed to bring the best elements of an XC bike's climbing ability combined with the control and speed afforded by a trail bike. With 130 mm of front and rear travel, and a balanced geometry that urges the rider to climb higher and descend even faster, riders will find themselves ready for an all-day outing regardless of what the trail throws at them.

On the right bike, you can ride for hours and the conditions never alter from perfect. It’s amazing here.

-KC Deane, Canyon CLLCTV Rider
KC Deane of the Canyon CLLCTV
Mountain Biking in Oregon

There’s a reason why the PNW is considered a Mecca for mountain bikes. With hundreds of miles of trails primed for mountain bikes and gravel bikes, thousands of riders descend upon Bend, Eugene, and Portland to get a taste of the loamy soil and peaked hill tops. Trail hunters of all types can find something for them in the upper corner of the United States.

The Neuron is perfect for Oregon's MTB Trails

Explore Canyon’s Trail Lineup

Whether you’re looking for a long travel all-mountain bike, or an all-day do-it-all bike like the Neuron, Canyon has you covered. Explore our lineup of trail-crushing Neurons, or familiarize yourself with the whole trail family to find the perfect bike for you.
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