6/14/22 Canyon.com
6/14/22 Canyon.com

The Miami Blazers are Here!

The Miami Blazers are changing the face of American bike racing—aboard the Canyon Aeroad.

The Miami Blazers are Here!

"Dream it. Believe in it. And you can achieve it." —Dante Young, Miami Blazers

The Fastest Team, The Fastest Bike

Being a newly-established team makes the Blazers "under-dogs" of professional bike racing. "But we have the hunger to beat them all," team rider and 2022 LaGrange Cycling Classic winner, Clever Martinez, declares confidently.

The Miami Blazers are changing the face of American racing—aboard the new Canyon Aeroad. Click below to discover Aeroad.

Canyon Aeroad Lineup

CF SL, CF SLX, or CFR, the Aeroad is the machine to beat in any groupride or race it enters. Get yours here and upgrade to next-gen speed.

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