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Protect the Privilege—Together, We can #RideItOut


Despite the challenges the world faces today, bike riding — safely — isn’t canceled. Cycling remains a healthy activity to stay mentally and physically fit and is a crucial transportation solution for many. As members of the cycling community, all of us have the responsibility to be mindful of our behavior and an obligation to inform and educate our friends and riding partners about how to ride safely. We’ve partnered with People for Bikes to encourage cyclists everywhere to #RideItOut responsibly and protect the privilege we all enjoy.

Protect the Privilege—Together, We can #RideItOut


Whether you’re using the bicycle as an alternative form of transportation, finding yourself on a bike for the first time in a while, or altering your usual cycling routine, here is a list of tips to stay safe and protect the privilege of riding in the months to come. But don’t take our word for it, pro cyclist and gravel connoisseur Peter Stetina says it best:

  • Follow New Rules: Follow all current CDC guidelines and travel advisories. Laws vary state-by-state, and even county-by-county, so it’s important to know how, when and where you can legally and safely ride in your area.
  • Social Distancing: Maintain at least six feet of space between you and other riders or pedestrians, especially when stopped at intersections or when passing on the road or trail. Avoiding popular/crowded paths and trail networks is essential.
  • Ride Solo, but Stay Connected: It’s recommended to ride solo right now. To stay safe, share your plans with friends or family before going on your ride—always inform someone of your route and when you plan on being back. Use of a GPS-based location tracking app, like Ride Spot, can help you stay connected.
  • Be Prepared: Make sure your bike is operating properly. Bike shops are considered “essential businesses” in most states, but not all shops and stores are open. Plan ahead. Bring plenty of water and snacks and carry a toolkit to handle any potential roadside repair.
  • Minimize Risk: With hospitals and healthcare professionals overwhelmed, now is not the time to pursue personal records or tackle that extra-technical section of trail. Focus on keeping your mind fresh and body healthy and active without too much intensity.
  • Stay Close to Home and Know Your Route: Before your ride, use a map to find a safe route. Consider new local routes, but stay near home and explore your own neighborhood.
  • Be Friendly: Remain mindful of others. A friendly smile or wave to fellow riders and pedestrians is always appreciated. Remember, we’re all in this together—and together we can Ride it Out.

About PeopleForBikes:

Launched in 1999 as Bikes Belong, PeopleForBikes includes both an industry coalition of bicycling suppliers and retailers, as well as a charitable foundation. Today a staff of 25 dedicated individuals are working remotely across the U.S. to continue supporting riders like you. While they're all making the best of the opportunity to spend more time at home, their mission hasn’t changed—they are still working to make biking better for everyone.

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