Torque CF 7.0
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Torque CF 7.0

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Torque CF 7.0
  • Front Fork Travel
    180 mm
  • Material
    Carbon (CF)
  • Weight
    14.60 kg

Torque CF 7.0 The new Torque is a versatile gravity bike. It’s efficient for enduro racing, highly capable for downhill, and tough enough to handle the jump lines in the bike park.


Torque CF 7.0 A robust carbon frame with an aluminium rear triangle provides a good balance of weight and durability. And with its burly suspension and modern geometry, this setup is light enough for pedalling uphill but burly enough for the toughest trails and bikepark lines.

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4.8 out of 5
13 customers reviewed

The highlights of this component set

Ride free. The RockShox suspension and 1x SRAM shifting combine with tough DT Swiss wheels to make a winning combination on techy descents and the toughest big bikepark lines.

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