Jun 7, 2019 Canyon.com
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Meet Anna Newkirk

Jun 7, 2019 Canyon.com

Meet Anna Newkirk, an exciting young athlete who competes for the Canyon SRAM Young Guns team.

Meet Anna Newkirk // Photo: Canyon.com

When she was 10 years old, Anna was standing at the bike park chairlift in the pouring rain with her father. When she bought a day ticket for the trail, the employees tried to convince her otherwise. She still remembers their words: “why don't you take test a ride first and see if it isn't a bit too technical and dangerous for you?” But the words of doubt didn’t put her off – they just added to her motivation. As she says: “when someone tells me I can’t do something, I do everything I can to prove the opposite.”

On that day, the 10-year-old Anna pulled off her first ever drop on the muddy, slushy trail. And just seven years later, at her very first World Championships, she proudly stood on the podium, silver medal in hand.

Did she find the whole thing daunting? Not really: “I don’t experience fear very often. It’s good to have a bit of fear sometimes, because it keeps us from doing stupid things. Well, mostly. You always push things one step further, but you should always know your limits.”

At an early stage, Anna realised that she performs much better when she eats well – which is motivating her to learn more and more about nutrition and healthy eating. She’s also following a complementary fitness regime alongside her riding, to take her performance on the bike to the next level: “I hate doing burpees, and love doing deadlifts! I have to have good upper-body strength to reduce the risk of injury as much as possible, and to ride quicker.”

When Anna looks at successful, confident female athletes, she’s inspired to become a role model for aspiring young talents. She organizes Kids Camps and has made it her goal to get more women and girls into her sport.

Here’s to a successful season, Anna!

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