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Difficulty: easy
These jobs are easy for anyone interested in cycling. For this workshop the user either doesn’t need any tools at all, or he only requires standard tools such as Allen keys, pliers or screw drivers. In this category you’ll find above all how to perform adjustments to your bike
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Transportation of bicycle

You can transport your bike conveniently and safely using the Canyon BikeShuttle:

1. Remove the pedals using a 15mm spanner or a 6mm or 8mm Allen Key, depending on pedal manufacturer. Please note that the non drive-side pedal has an opposite or “left-hand” thread. To remove this pedal turn it clockwise. The drive side is a standard thread

2. Deflate both tyres and remove the front wheel from the fork.

3. Remove the quick release from the wheel and place it in one of the pockets of the WheelGuard bags.

4. Now remove the rear wheel and again place the quick release into the WheelGuard pocket.

TIP: Before removing the rear wheel, put the chain into the large chainring at the front and the smallest sprocket of the cassette. This will make it easier to remove the wheel.

5. Release the seat clamp and remove the seat post together with the saddle.

6. Now dismantle the handlebar from the stem by untightening the bolts of the stem face plate. TIP: Wrap handlebar in protective plastic fix the handlebar to the top tube using cable ties.
Attention: Be careful to turn the handlebar as little as possible to prevent damage to the gear cables and brake lines.
7. Reassemble the stem face plate so you don’t lose the bolts.

8. Now place the entire bike into the case as shown in the images. If the bike doesn’t fit remove the rear derailleur or turn the stem 180°on the fork steerer.

9. Place the wheels into the WheelGuard bags and lay the bags on top of the frame.

10. Now place the seat post in the BikeShuttle, ensuring that it cannot scrape the paintwork of the frame. Wrap the seat post or frame tube up in protective plastic if neccesary.

11. Close the BikeShuttle and click-close the hinges.

ATTENTION: You Need to dismantle the fork on roadbikes with framesize 64cm.

Canyon consistently strives to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information contained in this Technical Support Center. Any repairs or adjustments which you carry out on your bike are entirely at your own risk. If you are in any doubt about what to do, you should send your bike to Canyon or take it to another qualified repair specialist. Canyon gives no guarantee or accepts no liability for the any of the information contained in this Technical Support Center.

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