Swim. Canyon. Run. Once you’re out of the water the performance of your equipment is vital so you can ride fast and conserve energy for the final showdown. With a Canyon triathlon bike beneath you setting the bike split alight comes naturally. Our Speedmax CF, Speedmax CF SLX or Aeroad CF SLX models are designed for high speed cruising and have been proven by the best triathletes out there at the highest level, whether in the ITU World Triathlon Series or the Ironman World Championships. Make your gains where they count the most.


From €3,499

With TT bike inspired aero performance combined with razor sharp road bike handling and responsiveness, the Aeroad CF SLX is the
weapon of choice for any short course triathlons. Our innovative TriDent 2.0 tube profiles cut through the air to give a real world speed advantage, while the Pro Geometry provides a low and aggressive riding position for unrivalled aero efficiency. Stiff for 100% power transfer, light for climbing ease and compliant on rough roads, the Aeroad CF SLX is the most complete aero triathlon bike out there. Get the competitive edge you’re after.


Canyon triathletes

With Jan Frodeno joining Anne Haug and Nils Frommhold in 2016, some of the world’s very best triathletes will compete on Canyon bikes across the globe. Whether taking on the European circuit or lining up at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, our athletes will be perfectly equipped aboard the Speedmax CF and Aeroad CF SLX as they set their sights on the top step of the podium. Swim. Canyon. Run.