Change chain Mountainbike

This is how you change most Shimano chains:

1. Position the chain tool onto the chain. Push the rivet through the link plate. (Do not push the rivet completely out! It should remain connected to one of the link plates. If it is pushed out completely it can be very difficult to get it back in again!)

2. Move the chain links back and forth to separate them from each other.

3. A new chain is always too long at first and needs to be shortened. You can determine the correct length of the chain by observing the following rule of thumb. Shift down onto the smallest sprocket and the smallest front chain ring. Position the new chain over the smallest chain ring and sprocket and feed it through the rear and front derailleur cages. Now pull the two unconnected chain links together. The chain is of the correct length when the rear derailleur cage is aligned parallel to the chain. It is also possible to simply use your old chain as a guide to ascertaining the correct chain length.

4. If the new chain is too long, remove more links until you achieve the length you require.

5. Now pull the two unconnected chain links together. Push the protruding rivet through the link plates using the chain tool. The ends of the rivet should protrude out of both sides of the link plate equally.

Tip: Move the link you have just connected with the tool up and down to free it completely so that you don’t get a stiff link.