“To be the fastest, you have to get creative.” It was with this principal in mind that we set out in 2014 to build an all-new thoroughbred downhill machine. You've seen the hype, now find out the theory.

Suspension Concept


When developing the Sender’s four-bar suspension system we set out to create the perfect mix of three interlocking characteristics: anti-squat, pedal kickback and anti-rise. Finding the sweetspot for all three results in a system that delivers efficiency, control and builds momentum on track. Inspired by motocross setups, our all-new MX Link enables us to tune the shock leverage ratio independent of any other factors. The combination of our MX Link and the latest generation of lightweight, highly adjustable air shocks means we can create the ideal racing suspension setup consisting of three distinct phases.

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Phase 1: Air shocks require more force for activation than coil shocks. The MX Link transmits high power at the start of the stroke to overcome this. The result is outstanding responsiveness, small bump sensitivity and traction around the sag point equal to riding a coil shock.

Phase 2: Lower power through the mid-stroke provides a stable platform to reduce momentum loss. This enables the rider to actively pump for more track speed and make pinpoint line choices.

Phase 3: We combine the progressiveness of air shocks with a moderate progression at the end of the stroke to avoid blowing through the travel and give the suspension its bottomless feel.


Geo Tune

No two tracks are the same, but Geo Tune means you can transform the Sender’s geometry to match the terrain. For tracks that are either faster and steeper, or flatter and twistier, standard 63° headset cups can be swapped out for eccentric cups that enable a slacker 62° or steeper 64°. Chainstay length is also easy to adjust to suit both course and riding style. Where tight corners make all the difference, the shorter 430 mm setting provides a rapid responding rear end. If high speed is what it takes, the longer 466 mm setting increases stability.

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430 mm

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Headangle 62°, 63°, 64°

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Carbon Front Triangle

We chose carbon not to save weight, but for its incredible strength and vibration-damping properties. Modifying the fibre layup and wall thicknesses results in a highly puncture-resistant structure with extra strength guaranteed where needed most.

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Aluminium Rear Triangle

Crashes happen, and when they do, the rear triangle’s width makes it most likely to hit the ground first and take the biggest impact. High-end 6066 T6 aluminium makes any potential damage easier to assess for a safer setup with no performance loss.

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Quality in Control

Using our in-house CT scanner we examine wall thicknesses and the carbon layup with clinical accuracy to ensure all frame’s meet our exacting standards. In our test lab, we repetitively simulate the most punishing downhill riding conditions. That means the Sender far exceeds any industry safety standards.

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A suspension system is only as good as the bearings it runs on. All bearings on the Sender are industrial grade. Oversized bearings on the main triangle are used to deal with the high lateral forces applied in this area.



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