Spectral:ON CF 8

The Spectral:ON CF 8 delivers with its a full-carbon frame, killer Fox Racing suspension, smart Shimano component spec, and an ingenious battery that delivers maximum mileage on every ride.
  • Front Fork Travel: 150 mm
  • Weight: 50.80 lbs
  • Color: Eternal Blue
  • Spectral:ON CF 8
    Color: Stealth
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Spectral:ON CF 8

More Miles. More Stoke.

The Spectral:ON boasts one of the biggest (and smartest) power plants in the world. Medium, Large, and X-Large CF 8 and CFR models feature 900Wh batteries that boost your mileage 42%. Size Small models fit 720Wh batteries—providing you with a 15% boost in mileage over standard Shimano batteries. Spectral:ON gives you the power to crush the biggest rides with total confidence.
Spectral:ON CF 8

Unrivaled Ride Quality

Mileage matters but strapping the biggest possible battery onto a bike can create a top-heavy, unbalanced bike that handles like a high-speed train wreck. So instead, we developed our own unique battery that not only boosts your mileage, but also delivers brilliant handling. We started by horizontally aligning the battery’s fuel cells, improving weight distribution within the battery. Next, we optimized battery placement within the frame itself. Tucking the battery below and in front of the Shimano EP8 motor (instead of above it), we lowered the Spectral:ON’s center of gravity and made it an absolute ground-hugging, ripper of a bike.
Spectral:ON CF 8

Brilliant Build Kits

Every component on the Spectral:ON delivers true on-trail performance, including Shimano’s ingenious EP8 control unit. The minimalist display and handlebar mounted controls let you toggle through different power-assist settings, manage your battery consumption, and dial in your ride without adding any clutter or confusion to the Spectral:ON’s cockpit. Sleek, simple, innovative—just the like the bike itself.

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