Strive CF 8.0
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Strive CF 8.0

Pay monthly or $3,279.18
  • Selected color: Stealth
Frame Size: XL

Attention: Each model can come in different equipment or level of wear, which effects the final price.
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Strive CF 8.0
Strive CF 8.0
  • Weight
    14.50 kg
  • Material
    Carbon (CF)

Strive CF 8.0 Using the Shapeshifter system of the Strive CF 8.0 is like riding two bikes in one. Whether you need a competent climber or a downhill weapon, with just the push of a button the Strive adapts to whatever type of trail lies ahead.

Strive CF 8.0

Strive CF 8.0 Trying to nab the KOM on your local singletrack or battle for the podium at the next Enduro race, you’re always looking for a new challenge. No matter what expectations you have for your next mountain bike, the Strive CF 8.0 surpasses them.

Strive CF 8.0
Strive CF 8.0

Bike classification

This category includes all bikes from categories 1-3. In addition it includes use on very harsh, obstacle-scattered terrain with steep gradients and consequently higher speeds. Regular, moderate jumps pose no problem for experienced riders when using these bikes. Extended and regular use in bike parks and tackling “North Shore” sections should be avoided. Due to increased stresses, these bikes should be checked for damage after every ride. Full suspension bikes with mid-level travel are typical in this category.

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Proposition 65 Warning

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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