Grail CF SLX Frameset
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Grail CF SLX Frameset

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Bikes in this category are new bikes or frames without any damage or visual defects. These may be models from previous years, or one-off bikes. The bikes are in the same condition as a brand new model from the current model year. As with all Factory Outlet bikes, these bikes come with a full guarantee just like a new bike. All Canyon products include a 6-year warranty on our frames, Canyon-engineered components, and forks for racing bikes, triathlon bikes and commuter bikes. Please note, this bike is a final sale and may not be returned.

  • Weight
    1.40 kg
  • Material
    Carbon (CF)

Grail CF SLX Frameset Getting things just right is something we are passionate about at Canyon. That’s why we completely understand when you would like to buy one of our frames and build it up with the exact components that you want to use. With the Grail CF SLX Frameset, you can run wild and build up the sweetest gravel road bike you can imagine. This is the carbon SLX version of the Grail, which means at just 865 grams in a size medium, it is the lightest Grail frame available. The Sport Geometry that offers a lightly shorter reach and higher stack will ensure that though the frame will have a super responsive ride, it will also guarantee the type of comfort that will make gravel Gran Fondos a joy.

Grail CF SLX Frameset Included with the frameset, the Canyon One One Four SLX Disc carbon fork adds barely 400 grams to the weight of the frameset, and provides a secure front end to ensure sharp handling over all sorts of road conditions. But the core feature of the bike’s design comes in the shape of the innovative cockpit, also included with the frameset. The cockpit offers a level of vertical flex that will absorb the vibrations from small bumps and undulating road surface without having to resort to mechanical shock absorbers. Also included in the package, the Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 seat post with its spring leaf vertical flex will protect your backside from unwanted rough road vibrations. What you will really love about riding the Grail, whether on smooth roads or rough forests, is just how agile and nimble the handling will be. To ensure the smallest sized frame can offer the same comfortable geometry and snappy handling, we have designed the 2XS and XS to fit 650b wheels. And all frames can accommodate up to 42mm tires, which will free you up to get as adventurous in your gravel trail riding as possible. Dirty Kanza? Dorset Gravel Dash? Veneto Gravel? La Resistance? All great gravel grinds are well within reach with the Grail CF SLX Frameset.

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Bikes of this category are designed for riding on hard-surface roads where the wheels remain in permanent contact to the ground. These are in general road-racing bicycles with racing handlebars or straight handlebars, triathlon or time trial bicycles. The permissible maximum overall weight comprising rider, luggage and bicycle should not exceed 120 kg. Under certain circumstances, this permissible maximum weight can be further limited by the component manufacturers’ recommendations for use.

Proven cyclocross bikes with racing handlebars and cantilever or disc brakes are a special case in this category. In addition, these bikes are also suitable for gravel paths and off-road trails where a short loss of tire contact with the ground due to small stairs or steps at a height of 15 to 20 cm can occur.

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