Female riders have never had the wide range of choice that they deserve. We wanted to put an end to that, which is why we set about designing and engineering a range of road bikes 100% around women who ride. From advanced developments in geometry and wheel size to simpler solutions like thoughtful specs, our WMN models are setting the benchmark in women’s cycling.

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The Right Fit

Fit is everything. Our approach for our new WMN road models was not to come up with entirely new positions for women, but to adapt frame geometries so that female riders can achieve the desired riding position more naturally. Assuming female riders fundamentally require different riding positions to men is a myth we want to put to rest. Every rider, male or female, is unique.

The right fit

Our entire WMN Road range has been engineered around size XS, the size most required by female riders, according to our studies. Only offering one size below where the average rider fits best was not an option for us. For the first time ever, Canyon is now able to cater for riders from 152 cm thanks to a newly developed 3XS frame size. With five distinct sizes available for female riders, we now offer the broadest size range you'll find anywhere.

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650B For Road

Not all road bikes possess agile and responsive handling as you’d expect. Smaller bikes often suffer from slower handling because they are built around disproportionally large 700C wheels, which compromises geometry and how the rider sits on the bike. How do we find a solution to this? We think small. Being the first manufacturer to equip 650B wheels to our 2XS and 3XS frames enables us to offer consistency in handling and fit across the whole size spectrum. Smaller riders no longer have to miss out.

Perfect handling

WMN Performance Gains

Sure, it might have been easier to transfer the exact same features of our unisex models across to our new WMN range, but we knew we could do better. Whether it's more comfort, a lighter construction or better aerodynamics, we analysed every single element to see how we could get the best out of these bikes. Take the new Ultimate WMN CF SLX. With the material properties required by female riders in mind, we were able to tune the frame with new tube profiles that result in a 6.5% weight reduction and 3% aero saving. At just 765 g in a size XS, it is the lightest Road Disc frame we have ever created. This is how we deliver better performance for female riders.

Performance gains

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WMN Road Bikes
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