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1/27/22 Canyon.com

Buying a bike online: 4 tips you need to know before buying your dream ride

Canyon is one of the few brands where you can buy your dream bike online. Read our article to get our top 4 tips for making sure you make the right decision.

Buying a bike online: 4 tips you need to know before buying your dream ride Buying a bike online has many advantages.

When you’re in the market for a new bike, you might be tempted to go to your local bike shop to get up close and personal with your future purchase. But buying a bike online has improved in recent years and there are great benefits to doing so.

Canyon was the first major bike brand to launch direct-to-consumer. This business model has many benefits to both you as a customer and us as a brand, so let’s delve in and find out what they are.

Buying a bike online Browse our website to find your perfect bike.

Why you should buy a bike online

1. Better value for money

When you buy a bike online, you shop directly with us. There’s no middle-man or agency absorbing extra costs. We design, manufacture and deliver your bike from our warehouse to your home. The savings we make by streamlining this approach are reflected in our prices. You’re guaranteed to be getting better bang for buck from Canyon than a lot of other brands.

2. Fast and effective communication

We’ve invested a lot in our customer service teams and website to ensure a smooth purchasing process and regular contact every step of the way. No question is stupid, we’ll happily talk through any of your queries via email, on the phone or via our online chat and if you need us for anything, we’re there. A generous returns' policy means if you order the wrong item by accident, you can send it back or exchange it quickly and without stress.

3. Bikes delivered to your door

Bike shops often require you to pick your bike up from the store. If you live far away, this can be an unnecessary hassle. Canyon offers the option to pick your bike up from our California Showroom or have it delivered to your home.

Our easy-to-follow mountain bike and road bike unboxing videos make light work of building up your bike, and we supply all the tools in the box. If you’re new to cycling and haven’t yet got yourself a toolkit, these tools come in handy for regular maintenance, too!

4. Flexible and easy ways to pay

Not every bike shop can offer generous payment methods for a number of reasons. We’ve gone from strength to strength and more and more customers have come to trust our knowledge, expertise and bikes. As a result, we’re able to offer simple and flexible ways to pay. From tax-friendly purchasing schemes to monthly instalment plans, Canyon makes it easy to own your dream bike.

Tips on how to buy a bike online

The absence of opening times means our store is open 24/7. Everything you need to do to get your bike can be done right here on our website. There are so many reasons to choose Canyon and we can’t wait to see you out there on your bike.

Decide what type of bike you need

Knowing what type of bike you’re after is essential to a smooth shopping experience. Those who have spent a lot of time around bikes will be able to decipher what they want relatively quickly. Those who are new to cycling might need a bit more information.

  • Road Bikes - predominantly used for performance road cycling. These bikes have drop handlebars and are designed for speed and/or climbing hills.
  • Gravel Bikes - similar geometry to road bikes but designed with chunkier tires for riding on mixed terrain.
  • Mountain Bikes - pure off-road riding begins on a mountain bike. Designed for more technical trails and exploring remote places.
  • Hybrid Bikes - designed for comfort and utility, these bikes are everyday workhorses.
Buying a bike online If you find your bike isn’t right for you, our 30 day returns policy means it’s easy to exchange or return.

Make sure you find the right size

The biggest downside to shopping online is the lack of a test ride but don’t let this put you off. As long as you know your height and inside leg measurement, our Perfect Positioning System (PPS) will ensure you order the right size for the model you’re considering.

We include the geometry chart on every product page, so if you know your measurements based on a previous bike, you can easily see how they compare. If in doubt, hop on our online chat and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Another option is to visit a local bike fitter who can recommend the right sized bike for you. This will cost a bit more money, however if you’re already about to invest a lot of money, a little more to guarantee you’ll receive the right size first time round isn’t a bad idea. In any case, Canyon offers a 30-day returns policy anyway and it’s a straight-forward process.

Buying a bike online Your bike will be delivered in a robust box for protection.

Take a look at accessories you need to get started

Your bike will be delivered 90% assembled, but you might realise you require some comfortable clothes to ride in, some spare parts or bike accessories to get going.

Bottle cages, fenders, a bike helmet, bike lights and pedals are just a few. If you order them at the same time as your bike, you’ll get them at the same time, so you’re good to go as soon as you’ve built your bike.

Still undecided? Read our in-depth buyer’s guides

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