1/31/22 Canyon
1/31/22 Canyon

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Los Angeles

Canyon is here to dispel the myth that there is no mountain biking or gravel biking to be found in Los Angeles. Diamonds in the Dust celebrates the Los Angeles cycling community, and we want you to be a part of it. Check out our list of the best mountain bike trails in Los Angeles with summaries and maps below.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Los Angeles Celebrate the variety and beauty of cycling in Los Angeles.

The routes below are favorites of LA locals, and feature a variety of route lengths and difficulties. Be sure to take everything you need while riding, from food to tools. For a deeper rundown of what to take, or if you're picking your first mountain bike, be sure to check out our guide on getting into mountain biking.

Temescal to Sullivan

This intermediate mountain bike route features climbs, switchbacks, expansive views, and ripping descents. At 26 miles long and featuring 3,200 feet of elevation, this route is a great option for those looking for a weekend ride. Be sure to pause at the Nike Missile Site to take in the breathtaking views!

- Difficulty: Blue Square / Intermediate
- Length: 26 Miles
- Elevation: 3,200 feet
- Bike Recommendation: Canyon Neuron or Canyon Spectral

Santa Monica Enduro Loop

Fast and loose! This popular enduro loop is great for those looking for a fun, quick outing on their all-mountain or enduro bike. Beginners should exercise extreme caution: This route is rated as a black diamond, so we would recommend holding off until you become more familiar with mountain biking technical terrain.

- Difficulty: Black Diamond / Advanced
- Length: 12.8 miles
- Elevation: 2,805 feet
- Bike Recommendation: Canyon Spectral 29

Discover LA's MTB trails with Canyon Los Angeles has trails for quick spins or all-day adventures.


Located just off the Pacific Palisades, Sea-Horsey is a popular, rolling loop perfect for intermediate riders. Faster riders could wrap this route in under 2 hours, and more beginner riders should expect to budget 2.5-3 hours of riding. This route is perfect for a trail bike like the Neuron and should be enticing to advanced-level XC riders.

- Difficulty: Blue Square / Intermediate
- Length: 18.6 Miles
- Elevation: 2,665 feet
- Bike Recommendation: Canyon Neuron or Canyon Lux Trail

Diamonds in the Dust celebrates Los Angeles mountain biking. Los Angeles is home to some of the best mountain biking around southern California.

Mt. Wilson Shuttle

This ride is focused on the downhill—take the shuttle route to the top of the trail, and be treated to 13.5 miles of flowing singletrack, peppered with technical sections and switchbacks. Be careful—it’s advised to ride a bike with at least 150 mm of suspension travel, which will perform best on this demanding terrain. As a black diamond route, beginners should expect to walk a fair amount of it.

- Difficulty: Black Diamond / Advanced
- Length: 13.5 miles
- Elevation: 840 feet up, -4,800 feet descent
- Bike Recommendation: Canyon Spectral 29

Mt. Liebre

Starting with a longer fire road climb, be treated to wide, flowy singletrack with dozens of views of Los Angeles. The mix of fire road and wide trails make this a perfect trail for beginner riders looking for a bigger challenge. Expect to be out for around an hour to an hour and a half.

- Difficulty: Blue Square / Intermediate
- Length: 16.4 miles
- Elevation: 2,524 feet
- Bike Recommendation: Canyon Neuron or Canyon Spectral 29

What Mountain Bike Is Best For Me?

When looking to ride the mountains around Los Angeles, picking the perfect mountain bike for the job may seem daunting. Canyon’s trail bike lineup has a wide range of builds at various price points to meet any budget. If you’re just starting your search for the perfect bike, we would recommend taking a look at our mountain bike buyer’s guide for a better rundown of what to consider when purchasing a trail bike. Trade the views of the city center for the rolling vistas surrounding Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing you out on the trails soon.

Canyon Trail Bikes

Agile, capabale, and most importantly, fun, Canyon trail bikes are sure to make your LA cycling experience unforgettable. Explore our trail lineup to find the perfect bike for whatever type of riding you're doing.

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