Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long

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Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long

Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long These high-performance ski-bend extensions offer the rider a wrist angle that’s on the low side of the neutral range for improved aerodynamics and comfort. Designed by Profile Design specifically for Canyon, the 35a Aluminium Extensions fit perfectly to the Canyon H36 Aerocockpit. The included Ergo Armrest Kit features a smoothly curved shape designed to cup the elbows while providing reliable support and control. The bolt pattern yields 48 possible configurations just by moving the armrest.

Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long
Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long
Canyon H36 Tri-Extensions long

Product details


  • 35° ski-bend extensions
  • Easily adjustable for a customized fit
  • Maximum stability at a low weight
  • Aggressive seating position that doesn’t compromise on comfort
  • The extensions enhance performance by allowing the rider to relax into their optimal position
  • Designed for cables to be routed out of the rear of the extensions
  • Ergo Armrests feature 48 possible configurations just by moving the armrest
  • Perfect for turning your H36 Cockpit


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Width: 100 mm
  • Length: 340 mm
  • Extension Shape: 35° Ski-bend
  • Clamping Area Diameter: 22.2 mm


  • 1 x Canyon H36 Armrest Kit Long


  • Profile Design


  • 530 g


  • Canyon H36 Aerocockpit


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