Conquer any climb and then race back down. For this you need a bike that climbs with XC racer efficiency but also packs up to 160 mm of suspension travel to soak up the steepest and roughest downhill tracks all at the same time.


Climbing or descending, our all-mountain trail bikes do everything for all-day epic adventure. Full suspension with up to 140 mm of travel for extra traction and control, efficient pedalling and precise handling set these bikes apart.


Riding for an hour or for a week at a time, these bikes deliver performance and stability across a wide range of terrain. With up to 120 mm of travel in full suspension or hardtail platforms, efficiency and a balanced riding position come as standard for all-day comfort.


Cross-country is all about efficiency. Whether full suspension or hardtail, around 100 mm of travel and superlight frames deliver rapid acceleration while maintaining control and traction on rough terrain.


Charge down, cruise back up, our 160mm enduro bike is the most advanced on the scene.


Super clean 140 mm all-mountain trail bike built to find flow on any singletrack.


The most advanced and fastest carbon cross-country hardtail ever.