Beyond Limits

Going Beyond Limits — that was our aim when we set out to develop a new XC race bike. Up to now, the performance of hardtail racers has been judged primarily by one key parameter: stiffness-to-weight. From the outset, we decided that focussing on this alone is too limited. when looking to create the ultimate modern-day racer. In addition to stiffness-to-weight, the relationship between weight and control, comfort and durability also plays an essential role when it comes to overall performance.


One of the main goals in the development of the Exceed CF SLX was to set a new benchmark when it comes to low frame weight. At just 870 g, the Exceed CF SLX frame alone is a whole 300 g lighter than its predecessor, the Grand Canyon CF SLX. This impressive weight reduction is a result of surface optimisation according to our Minimal Surface Concept.


Nodes define the points where different tubes converge. The bigger these points are, the greater the amount of foam that needs to be used to make the design possible. All of the nodes on the frames were made as small as possible in order to reduce the amount of foam and therefore save weight.


Placing the brake calliper between the seatstay and the chainstay means there is no need for a stiffening brace. This significantly reduces the amount of materials used on the left side dropout without any stiffness being lost. The weight advantage of 1x11 drivetrains can be fully exploited thanks to the new derailleur hanger. the main derailleur bolt doubles up as the hanger bolt meaning an extra screw can be saved to further reduce weight.


A straight line is the shortest way to connect two points. All of the Exceed CF SLX’s tubes were therefore designed to be as short and straight as possible with consideration being given to the available space. this made it possible to reduce the total surface area.


The bigger the cross section of a tube, the greater its surface area. Cross sections are usually enlarged in order to generate stiffness. To keep the surfaces as small as possible we have only 
increased the cross section to a carefully calculated point in order to achieve the perfect balance between stiffness and lightness.


Stiffness-to-weight is what determines how quickly you reach the top of the climb. this value isn’t just a generic term for how good a bike is, it’s an actual measurement. That’s why we made it our primary goal to set a new stiffness-to-weight benchmark with the Exceed CF SLX.


Vibrations that enter the body via the bike have a negative effect on rider endurance by causing unwanted muscle and joint fatigue. Reducing these vibrations to increase comfort can therefore directly improve rider performance.


The perfect race bike has to deliver stability and control in every scenario. When your heart rate is maxed out and energy levels start to drop off at the top of a climb, you need to be able to recover on descents while still riding fast. The Exceed CF SLX has a progressive geometry with an extended front center and slackened steering angle for fast and confident descending. When things get technical, wide bars and a short stem enhance agility so you always find the perfect line.


The demands of designing a frame that weighs less than 900 g and is strong enough to be ridden hard across the most testing terrain are enormous. With the Exceed CF SLX we applied a blend of high performance fibres with an advanced layup to achieve the advanced levels of strength, stiffness and vertical compliance we were after.