Mens bike helmet

Mens bike helmet

Design, performance, protection - bike helmets for men are essential no matter what type of cycling you’re into. Find your perfect bike helmet and enjoy every ride.

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Bicycle helmets have several features and benefits. To make sure you get the right cycling helmet, we've put together this handy guide.
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What distinguishes men's bicycle helmet?

Our range of cycle helmets for men combine innovative design, high performance and maximum protection, whether you are a recreational or a professional cyclist. Find the perfect bike helmet for every ride.

How is a men's bicycle helmet constructed?

Whether for city bikes, e-bikes or gravel bikes, a high-quality cycling helmet is designed to protect your head from injuries in the event of a fall. A durable outer shell combined with pressure-absorbing EPS foam and padding helps reduce the severity of an impact with the ground, therefore reducing potential injury. For additional protection, some cycle helmets use the MIPS system (Multi-directional Impact Protection). MIPS is essentially a layer sitting between the EPS foam and the helmet liner, allowing a sliding motion of 10 to 15mm in all directions. This movement is designed to reduce the transfer of rotational motion onto your brain. Studies show that rotational impacts are more likely to lead to concussion and serious traumatic brain injuries- MIPS aims to prevent this.

In terms of comfort, high-quality cycle helmets usually contain several ventilation channels along with a chin strap for secure fastening and padding. Many men's MTB helmets have a visor to offer protection from dust, insects and UV rays.

Aerodynamics and weight, while not connected to safety, can affect your performance. The lighter and more aero a helmet is, the more performance it offers.

What do I need to know when buying my bicycle helmet?

Depending on its intended use, bicycle helmets differ in material and design, with occasional differences in sizing and aesthetics found in men’s and women’s models. EPS rigid foam and polycarbonate outer shells are commonly used materials in cycling helmets as they offer proven protection, while ventilation channels are key to ensure you stay cool. Those looking for higher performance may prefer to choose a lightweight helmet, while for MTB riders, durability and comfort should be priorities.

Whatever your ride style, ensure you choose the correctly sized cycling helmet. To do this, measure your head circumference before purchasing. As a rule of thumb, two fingers should fit between the chin and the strap.

Which bicycle helmet is right for me?

Your choice of bicycle helmet ultimately depends on its intended use. Lightweight micro-shell helmets are suitable for road riders. Sturdy full-face bike helmets with a hard shell are ideal for mountain bikers and downhill adventurers. A bicycle helmet with a light is useful if you are riding after dark or in the city.

  • Trekking bike - Special urban or city models have important features for city traffic. Bicycle helmets featuring lights and reflectors will ensure you are clearly visible in traffic.
  • Mountain bike or e-MTB - Tailor-made MTB helmets offers visors and/or full-face protection along with extra coverage at the rear in the event of a fall on rough terrain.
  • Road bike - The best road bike helmets blend aerodynamics with low weight and ventilation to take your performance to the next level.
  • Kids helmets - At Canyon we have a range of safe, comfortable and colourfully designed helmets for young riders.

Buy bicycle helmets for men online at Canyon

Order your new bicycle helmet now from the comfort of your own home. When buying your bicycle helmet for men, pay attention to the DIN EN 1078 standard. For more information, take a look at our blog article on buying advice for bicycle helmets.

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