Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Front-Brake Kit B11

Specific to the Canyon Speedmax CF SLX, this is the B11-16 front-brake kit, which contains the below parts.
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  • B11-16 Front-Brake Kit for R40 TT


  • 1 x upper brake arm front left EP0330-01
  • 1 x lower brake arm front left EP0331-01
  • 2 x front bushings EP0325-01
  • 2 x pully pin front EP0327-01
  • 2 x bearings
  • 2 x M10 headless screws
  • 1 x triangle front EP0321-01
  • 1 x base plate front EP0322-01
  • 1 x adjustment wheel front and rear EP0320-01
  • 1 x spring front EP0323-01
  • 1 x upper brake arm front right EP0324-01
  • 1 x upper brake arm front right EP0325-01
  • 2 x lock nut EP0329-01
  • 2 x safety screw brake arms EP0328-01
  • 4 x friction plate front EP0409-01
  • 2 x base plate screws EP0411-01
  • 1 x installation tool EP0412-01
  • 2 x brake pin front EP0347-01


  • Canyon


  • 128 g


  • Speedmax CF SLX


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