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Go faster. Go bigger. Go beyond your own limits. That’s what makes riding so damn addictive. Whether ripping downhill tracks, scoping backcountry lines or sending it at your local jump spot, Canyon Gravity bikes are made for riders who never stop charging. With these machines we leave nothing to chance, taking input from our pro riders to create the most complete bikes on the scene.


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It’s rare that anything able to scramble up slopes this easily can rip so hard on the way back down. Thanks to Shapeshifter, the Strive makes the impossible possible - it is the ultimate enduro bike. The revolutionary on-the-fly system provides two distinctly different settings for geometry, suspension kinematics and travel. As a result, the Strive climbs with absolute efficiency in XC mode and bombs down the rowdiest descents in DH mode. That’s why it’s the ride of choice for the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. Give every trail a new dimension!

Strive CF 7.0


 Though there may be something inherently impractical, even crazy about hurtling yourself down a steep hill on a 16 kilo bike, that is also what makes it so amazingly thrilling. The Sender 9.0 TEAM has the components and geometry to be race-ready out of the box.

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To enjoy going down, first you’ve got to go up. Enduro is like the lovechild of downhill and cross country riding: fast and technical downhill tracks interspersed with short, sharp climbs that max out the heart rate. To make the most of it you need a bike with big travel to handle rough descents that also pedals efficiently for easy climbing. The ideal choice for trail junkies and racers out there.


All mountain bikers dream of one day finding the perfect trail. To take it on you need a bike capable of staying in control right at the very limit. No matter how rocky and steep things get, freeride bikes are built to soak it all up with big travel reserves to keep things on line. When there are no lifts around these bikes can climb efficiently so your trail hunt isn’t limited by the boundary ropes.


Does steep terrain make you itch to get out there? Will you only ride a trail if it means you can get airborne? Then a thoroughbred downhill bike is exactly what you need. With around 200 mm of suspension travel, flat frame angles, reinforced tubes and robust components, these bikes are designed to make you fly down near vertical trails from race tracks to big bike slopestyle courses.


If you think of a truck driver as a trick instead of some guy hauling goods around then this is the world you belong to. Clean, robust and simple, Canyon dirt bikes are designed to handle anything you can throw at them. Whether you’re competing at contest level or starting out down at the pump track, riding these bikes is all about progression, style and having good times.


Flips, whips, combos and transfers are what it’s all about. Since 2013 Thomas Genon, Anton Thelander and Tomas Lemoine have been sending it on the Stitched at the biggest slopestyle contests. Never afraid to lay it all on the line, these riders regularly land on the podium.

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