Urban Electric Bikes

Urban Electric Bikes

Discover electric urban bikes that will provide you with a fast, comfortable, and environmentally friendly ride in the city. Our bikes combine innovative technological solutions with functional design, making them the perfect choice for city lovers. Check out our offer and choose your ideal urban electric bike today!

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What is an urban E-bike?

An urban E-bike, also known as a pedelec, is an electric bicycle specially designed for use in the city. It differs from a conventional bicycle with an integrated electric motor that assists the rider when pedalling. Urban E-bikes are usually equipped with mudguards, lights and pannier racks that make them suitable for everyday urban use. Robust frames make them feel comfortable even with a lot of cargo or as a touring bike.

This is what makes Urban E-bikes from Canyon stand out:

  • High-quality components from renowned manufacturers guarantee long-lasting and reliable performance.
  • High battery range and many support levels make your daily rides through city traffic as easy as pie.
  • Powerful mid-mounted motors are stylish and ensure good handling and lots of fun in the saddle. The battery fits perfectly into the down tube.
  • Large selection of different colours, frame shapes and configuration options. Find the right Urban E-bike for your lifestyle!
  • Fully integrated light: Stay safe on the road with fully integrated light. The matching reflector set is included.

What is the difference between an urban bike and a city bike?

The terms urban bike and city bike both refer to bicycles that are specifically designed for use in urban environments. The choice of components and tyres is tailored to the demands of urban traffic. They must be particularly robust and low-maintenance. This makes handling and repairs as easy as possible.

What should I look out for when buying an urban E-bike?

When buying an urban electric bike, pay attention to the components, the range of the battery and the total weight of the bike. All these factors must be in line with your desired riding style. Our support team will be happy to help you choose the right bike if you are unsure.

Power supply and motor: The drive technology differs depending on the motor and battery size. At Canyon, we use high-quality motors from Bosch and Fazua. The riding style and rider weight determine the maximum range of the urban city e bike. The Canyon Commuter:ON offers an ideal balance between additional power and range and is a popular all-rounder for the city.

Weight: An urban E-bike is slightly heavier than a normal bike due to the motor. Make sure that the weight of the bike is still comfortable for you to handle. Equipment, battery size and bike model influence the total weight. The Canyon Roadlite:ON, our lightest urban E-bike, weighs only 16.4kg.

Braking power: Strong disc brakes with large rotors are a must for urban E-bikes. You can reach higher speeds with the electric motor. This makes it all the more important to have a high-quality hydraulic braking system that ensures you come to a safe stop in all weather conditions.

What is the most powerful urban E-bike?

Electric urban bikes come with different powerful drive systems and battery sizes. Our most powerful urban E-bike is the Canyon Precede:ON. With this bike, you will stand out from the crowd and become a pioneer of modern mobility.

Choose between low-maintenance hub gears with carbon belt drive or reliable Shimano Deore XT 12-speed gears. Front and rear lights are smartly integrated.

Who are urban E-bikes suitable for?

Urban E-bikes are suitable for anyone who wants additional support from a motor in urban traffic. Powerful E-motors offer pedalling assistance at different levels. Headwinds and climbs are no longer a problem. This way you can reach your destination without breaking a sweat.

Is an urban E-bike the right bike for you?

Urban E-bikes are ideal companions for people who would like to do without a car in everyday life. Daily shopping, the way to work or university are no problem on an urban E-bike. You save fuel, and emissions and are also doing something for your health.

Are there differences between urban e-bikes for women and men?

Our variety of frame sizes guarantees that everyone can find the right bike - regardless of size or gender. All Canyon frame shapes are equally suitable for men and women. While the classic diamond frame makes for a classic look, a comfortable step-through frame has its own advantages in everyday life. For example, if you like to wear skirts and dresses or if you don't feel like doing gymnastics when getting on and off the bike.

Why should you opt for an urban E-bike?

There are many reasons to choose an urban E-bike from Canyon. Here are a few arguments why an urban E-bike will enrich your life:

Save time: With an E-bike, you can get around the city faster and more efficiently, as you also have support in headwinds or on inclines. Leave the car behind and don't waste time looking for a parking space or getting stuck in traffic jams.

Environmentally friendly: An E-bike is emission-free. It is a cleaner alternative to the car or public transport in the city.

Cost efficiency: An E-bike is cheaper than a car or a motorbike and the maintenance costs are lower.

Health benefits: Cycling, even with E-support, is a great way to stay physically active and improve overall fitness.

Flexibility: An E-bike makes it possible to get from one place to another in the city quickly and flexibly without having to rely on public transport or the car.

Buy urban E-bikes at Canyon

Discover our selection of urban E-bikes online. Canyon urban E-bikes not only accompany you in the city. Discover the best E-Bike travel destinations in Europe. You'll find the right equipment for your trip in our bike accessories.

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