Women's Hardtails

Women's Hardtails

A mountain bike promises a lot of fun off the road. A women's hardtail MTB is the best choice for demanding trails and extended tours.

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What is a women's hardtail mountain bike?

A women's hardtail mountain bike is a type of mountain bike that has a suspension fork but no rear suspension. It is designed for trail riding and offers a more efficient ride compared to full suspension mountain bikes.

What are the advantages of a women's hardtail mountain bike?

  • Lightweight: hardtail mountain bikes are lighter and more efficient than full suspension mountain bikes, making them easier to handle and faster on climbs.
  • Lower maintenance: Without rear suspension, hardtail mountain bikes require less maintenance and are less prone to damage.
  • Better power transfer: Hardtails offer better power transfer from pedaling to the wheels, which can make them faster and more efficient on smoother terrain.
  • Affordability: Hardtail mountain bikes are typically more affordable than full suspension mountain bikes.

What types of hardtail mountain bikes are available?

Hardtail mountain bikes are only available as cross-country mountain bikes. These bikes are designed for speed and efficiency on smoother terrain, and are well-suited for riders who want to race or ride fast on less technical trails. Benefits of a cross-country hardtail mountain bike include:

  • Lightweight design for faster acceleration and easier handling
  • Better power transfer for faster pedaling and climbing
  • Lower maintenance costs due to simpler design
  • Affordable option for riders who want a high-performance mountain bike without breaking the bank.

Canyon's range of women's hardtail bikes

Get out and explore on board a Canyon hardtail.

  • Grand Canyon - The Grand Canyon is an excellent hardtail for beginners looking to widen their horizons. It's our most affordable mountain bike and designed with adventure in mind.
  • Canyon Exceed - Our fast and light carbon hardtail, the Canyon Exceed, is a racing machine. Test your strength and skill on board this XC machine.
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