Developed together with Joe Barnes and the Dudes of Hazzard, the Spectral brings the right mixture of traction, control, handling and playfulness into a simple and robust trail-taming tool. The progressive geometry uses 150 mm up front and 140 mm in the rear and will have riders ready to attack technical singletrack, while remaining easy to pedal to the trailhead. Rounded out with 27.5” wheels, 2.4” or 2.6” rubber and a new linkage inspired by the Sender, this is our take on the modern trail bike.

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With 27.5” wheels, 2.6” rubber and our new Sender-inspired suspension, the new Spectral is our take on the modern trail bike. The progressive geometry uses 150 and 140 mm of front and rear travel and will have you ready to bomb down any trail, but still get you to the top with ease.

Triple Phase Suspension

Initially developed for the Sender, our Three Phase Kinematic provides improved traction and sensitivity at the start of the stroke, a stable platform through the mid-stroke to give the rider an active feel for the terrain, and a progressive ramp towards the end to make full use of the shock.

Wheels & Tyres

With our sights set firmly on figuring out which tyre/wheel setup was the most grin-inducing, we landed on 27.5” wheels with 2.6” or 2.4” rubber. Put through the wringer in the Scottish mud by the Dudes of Hazzard, this combo strikes the ideal balance between the added traction of larger tyres with the quicker handling of smaller wheels.


Nail every line on the trail and transfer back to the top with ease for round two. We specifically tuned the suspension on our Spectral WMN to deliver terrain-hugging control that complements our new women's-specific riding geometry perfectly for super agile handling. Looking for a do-it-all trail bike? You’ve found it.