The Shapeshifter Stage 2.0

Whether you’re competing in the world’s toughest Enduro races, or just want to go shred your local trails even harder: the new Strive with Shapeshifter technology is guaranteed to take you to the next level. With its 29-inch wheels, full-carbon frame, and ability to fundamentally change its riding characteristics at the press of a button, this is a trailtaming machine that leaves competitors in its wake. The Strive is engineered for Enduro racers and aspiring amateurs who demand uncompromising performance on technical trails – both on the way up and on the way back down. It was developed and tested in Canyon’s hometown of Koblenz, and built to take on any challenge, from Finale Ligure to Whistler. Join a worldwide community of passionate riders – Welcome to Shred City!

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The Shapeshifter. Stage 2.0

The Shapeshifter works using a gas spring which we developed together with the suspension specialists at Fox, and lets you alter the geometry and suspension dynamics on the bike at the touch of a button.

29-Inch Wheels

The 29-inch wheels really shine on technical terrain, with their larger contact patch and superior tracking making the big difference. The Strive is exclusively available with 29” wheels.

Full Carbon Frame

Tested by our Canyon Factory Racing Team riders: the Strive is a no-compromise Enduro racing machine, and is exclusively available with a durable full-carbon frame. The 9.0 Team and the 9.0 LTD come with the yet more advanced CFR frame. The difference between the frames is the layup of the carbon fibre: the type of fibre, the way the fibres and resin are combined, and the alignment of the weave. The CFR frame is around 300 g lighter than the CF while being just as stiff.

Designed and developed by the Canyon crew. Made for the toughest Enduro stages and all your backyard trails.

Over the last few years, the Strive has proven its credentials as a versatile racing machine on some of the most demanding courses in the world, with our Canyon Factory Enduro Team twice riding it to glory in the Enduro World Series team championship. And this year, we’ve taken things a step forward to create a new Strive that’s even faster and more versatile.

2 modes - 1 bike

With its Shapeshifter technology, the Strive successfully combines the climbing performance of an XC bike with the descending abilities of a downhill bike. The Shapeshifter works using a gas spring which we developed together with the suspension specialists at Fox, and lets you alter the geometry and suspension dynamics on the bike at the touch of a button.


We’ve taken the Shapeshifter to the next level – Stage 2.0. The new two-way valve makes the Shapeshifter even easier and more intuitive to use. To switch from cross-country mode to downhill mode when you reach the trailhead, just flick the switch on the handlebar. The next time you compress the rear shock, the Shapeshifter’s gas spring will automatically compress, changing the bike’s geometry and the kinematics of the rear triangle. In DH mode, it feels more like you are sitting ‘in’ the bike, and you have 150 mm of travel, rather than 135 mm. The bottom bracket height is reduced giving you a lower centre of gravity, you have a flatter steering angle, and the wheelbase is extended for more stability in fast and steep sections – advantages that make all the difference when every second counts.

Kinematics Suspension

Triple Phase Suspension

The triple phase suspension system was originally developed for the Sender downhill race bike, and delivers top performance on all kinds of terrain. At the start of the stoke, the suspension provides plenty traction, and outstanding small-bump sensitivity. Through the mid-stroke the shock provides a stable platform, letting the rider put maximum power through the pedals, keep their speed up over uneven ground, and accelerate hard out of berms. The end of the stroke ramps up progressively, so you only use all the travel when absolutely required.

Carbon Expertise



The Strive is a real head-turner with its dynamic design, clear lines, and the striking silhouette of its full-carbon frame.