With two Grand Tour wins and multiple podium spots in the bag, the performance of the Ultimate CF SLX has been proven on the WorldTour stage for over a decade. Singled out as one of the finest handling bikes on the planet by experts worldwide, the Ultimate CF SLX masters the dark art of combining low weight with lightning responsiveness and an unprecedented ride quality. Available with disc or rim brakes with women’s-specific geometries too, there’s a choice for any rider who seeks every performance advantage on the road.For a decade the Ultimate series has stood at the pinnacle of the Canyon road bike range. These framesets are meticulously designed to combine low weight and maximum stiffness with outstanding ride quality to create an unparalleled overall package. With our Sport Pro Geometry the rider can achieve the ideal position on the bike for optimum performance and comfort for hours in the saddle. Available in a wide range of carbon or aluminium models, these machines have been proven at the top level for years and are the ride of choice for pros and enthusiasts alike.

Ultimate CF EVO 10.0 LTD


Born from a desire to see how far we could go with the best materials in the world, the Ultimate CF EVO is more than just a bike. It’s our statement. Applying the most advanced carbon layup we have ever created results in a frame and fork that together tip the scales at just 935 g, the Ultimate CF EVO redefines any established norms. No superlight road bike is as capable as this, combining unreal stiffness-to-weight with aero optimization and supreme ride quality so you can savor the pinnacle of road bike performance designed to be ridden in real-world conditions every single day.



Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 Movistar



This is one of the first production bikes in the world to feature Campagnolo’s stunning 12-speed Record groupset. That extra gear makes all the difference to delivers tight ratios with even jumps across a broader range so it’s easier to maintain a smooth rhythm while pedalling and shifting across the cassette. Actuated by Campagnolo’s signature crisp mechanical shifts, this system provides feedback to the rider few others can match.





We work together with the best athletes in the world across various disciplines to ensure that the bikes you ride are the best they can possibly be. Our pros provide us with in-depth feedback which flows directly into the development of our products. We believe that the results speak for themselves. Canyon bikes have emerged victorious in the world’s biggest races from Monuments, to Grand Tours, to the World Championships. Put simply, our bikes are built to win.

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