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The Canyon CLLCTV brings together mountain bikers of all levels — from amateurs to pros — to unite, support and inspire one another.
'Mountain bike collective brings together enduro

Downhill, Trail or Enduro — the CLLCTV gathers committed mountain bike riders like you with fans and pro athletes who share one obsession: Searching for that perfect trail that seamlessly connects every turn, berm, gap and jump into the ultimate ride.


Pro Riders

From downhill racers Troy Brosnan and Tahnée Seagrave to progressive enduro riders like Braydon Bringhurst and YouTube sensation Fabio Wibmer, the CLLCTV embodies mountain biking’s hardest-riding athletes.

'Mountain Biking at it's best

Everyday Riders

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trail shredder, downhill racer or enduro rider. To be part of the CLLCTV, the only thing that matters is your commitment to the pursuit of pristine singletrack, flowing jumps and perfect berms.

CLLCTV // Downhill


For you, there’s only one direction to ride: Downhill and as fast as possible. Find that perfect line with our award-winning downhill bikes.