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These jobs are easy for anyone interested in cycling. For this workshop the user either doesn’t need any tools at all, or he only requires standard tools such as Allen keys, pliers or screw drivers. In this category you’ll find above all how to perform adjustments to your bike
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Setting of RockShox DualAir forks

RockShox Air U-Turn and DualAir forks have two independent air chambers in the left stanchion. The air chambers are separated from one another by a piston. The positive air chamber is located above the piston and negative air chamber below the piston.

Both chambers can be filled separately with air. The valve for the positive air chamber is at the top of the left fork crown #519_detail.jpg#Picture 2

The air pressure in the positive air chamber determines how much force is required to compress the fork. If you increase the pressure in this chamber, the fork will be firmer and more difficult to compress fully. Adjust the Sag via the positive air chamber. Less pressure = increased Sag.
The pressure in the negative air chamber determines how strongly the fork compresses at the start of the range of travel. The greater the pressure in this chamber, the more sensitive is the response of the fork to shocks. If the adjustment of the negative air pressure is lower than the positive air pressure, the fork responds less to light shocks and drive-train influences such as pedal-induced bob.

Now fill both air chambers with the same air pressure and then deflate the negative chamber bit by bit until the desired ratio is reached. A good ration to have is when the pressure in the negative chamber is 1 to 1.5 bar below that of the positive chamber.

First fill the upper positive air chamber and then the lower negative chamber. The negative air pressure must not exceed the positive pressure by more than 1 bar.
In the case of all suspension forks without dual air technology the air chambers fill automatically and equally via a valve inside the stanchion.

Always mind the maximum and minimum air pressure. Always clean brake parts and discs very carefully and replace the components if dirt, oil or grease cannot be removed.

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Picture 1: Fill the upper air chamber first

Picture 1: Fill the upper air chamber first

Picture 2: Then pump up the lower air chamber

Picture 2: Then pump up the lower air chamber

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