Sliding and squeaking disc brakes on new bikes

Disc Brake

Disc Brake

It is not uncommon that disc brakes slide or squeak slightly on a new bike. After riding approx. 300km, brake pads and discs have grinded in and fit together, in particular when riding through bends or when riding out of the saddle. This does not necessarily mean that the new brake is badly adjusted. A new disc brake needs to be leveled.

Before you start riding, check the correct position of both wheels.

In rare cases, new brake pads do not fit at first perfectly to the brake disc. By braking the system becomes level. Hint: Do not brake heavily during the first 300km. Therefore, avoid long or steep downhill sections or sharp braking. Use the brake sensitively during the first 300km.

You find some hints here in the Tech Support Center how to prevent disc brakes from causing noises.