Width of rearstays

Roadbike hub width (OLD) :

All roadbikes without disc : 130mm

All roadbikes with Disc: 142mm

Inflite AL / AL SLX: 135mm

Urban and Commuter series: 135mm

Mountainbike hub width (OLD) :

Stitched : 135mm

Grand Canyon AL / AL SL: 135mm,

Grand Canyon AL SLX : 142mm

Exceed (All) : 142mm

Neuron (All) : 142mm

Spectral (All) : 142mm

Strive (All) : 142mm

Sender (All) : 157mm

Dude CF: 197mm

Legacy mountainbikes with Syntace X-12 axle: 142mm

Canyon through axle: 142mm

Legacy V-Drome: 120mm