All Women's Road Bikes

This page will help you find your perfect road bike, explain why we design women’s specific bikes and help you discover your ride style.

Women Road

What is a Canyon woman’s bike?

Canyon WMN is a range of bikes designed for riders between 152cm (5'1") and 186cm (6'0") who don’t feel comfortable on standard unisex bikes.

You are probably best suited to a WMN fit if you find yourself over-reaching or struggling with oversized handlebars. By tweaking bikes within this size range, we can

  • Reduce frame weight without sacrificing performance
  • Reduce pressure on your seat, neck and shoulders
  • Put you in an optimal riding position for better power transfer

    In the saddle, that translates into more comfort, more power, performance, and ultimately a better riding experience.

What if I want a unisex bike?

We have implemented many Canyon WMN sizing and fitting innovations for an even better fit across all frame sizes.

For riders under 5'10" (2XS - S)

Handlebars and wheels scale up or down with your frame size for consistent handling and feel on all bikes.

For riders 5'10" - 6' (M)

Choose from a wider size range, with more opportunity to size up or down depending on your preferred feel.

For riders 6' and over (L - 2XL)

Tweaks to keep you on top of the bottom bracket – avoiding the need to push your saddle all the way back for the right position.

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