Impossible Route 4 Telluride Hellride
Impossible Route 4 Telluride Hellride
Impossible Route 4 Telluride Hellride
Impossible Route 4 Telluride Hellride
Impossible Route 4 Telluride Hellride


One day, 140 miles, and 26,900 feet of climbing through the high alpine above Telluride, Colorado—this Impossible Route is a true “hellride.”


Is this the hardest single-day gravel ride in the Rockies?

Riding unassisted, Jeremiah Bishop, Tyler “Vegan Cyclist” Pearce and Ryan Petry set out to conquer 140 miles of grueling terrain with over 26,900 feet of climbing in just one day of riding high above Telluride, Colorado.


A giant loop—beginning and ending—in Colorado’s epic mountain town of Telluride, this “hellride” begins on the iconic Boomerang Hill Climb. The sharp 15%-grade climb offers a rude awakening, highlighting that every inch of this ambitious 140-mile journey will need to be earned, not given. An audacious route to complete in just one day, the route circles around Hanson Peak and Redcloud Peak before returning into Telluride. In order to make it, the Impossible Route riders must climb over 26,900 feet of high-alpine terrain that includes twisting singletrack through deadfall timber up unrelenting ascents across stream-crossings and boulder-laiden double track deep within some of the Rocky Mountains most iconic off-road terrain.

Canyon Endurace


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  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride Vegan Cyclist

    The Director: Tyler Pearce a.k.a. The Vegan Cyclist—an up-for-anything influencer, cyclist and full-life liver.

  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride Jeremiah Bishop

    The Spearhead: Jeremiah Bishop—a multi-time national champion and instigator of the Impossible Route project.

  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride Travis Longfellow

    The Guest: Ryan Petry—an accomplished off-road cyclist, joining his first “Impossible Route” expedition.

  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride

    The Videographer: Benjamin Saheb—a filmmaker based in northwest Colorado working primarily in the adventure, travel and lifestyle industries.

  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride

    The Videographer: Benjamin Kraushaar— a Wyoming based filmmaker who specializes in adventure and conservation storytelling

  • Impossible Routes 4 Telluride

    The Photographer: Walker Hague—Canyon USA’s multi-pronged weapon, capable of expert athlete support and stellar photography.

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